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Perennial Plants in Chicago, IL

Urhausen Greenhouses offers an extensive selection of perennials that are hardy enough to weather our Chicagoland climate. All of our perennials are mature, two-year old, grade 1 plants grown in well-rooted, two-quart pots. We also grow a complete selection of perennial groundcovers in 18-cell trays.

TOP PERENNIALS                 

  • Scabiosa

  • Coreopsis

  • Heuchera

  • Daylily

  • Phlox

  • Hardy Hibiscus

  • Sedum

  • Echinacea/"Coneflower"

  • Hosta

  • Delphinium



  • Pachysandra

  • Vinca

  • Ivy

  • Sweet Woodruff

  • Aegopodium

Come and visit our Chicago Garden Center to see the wide selection of plants we offer
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